ECP Container Cleaning

ECP Industries can manage all aspects of container maintenance including collection, cleaning, repairs, leak/pressure testing and delivery.

Our process for cleaning/laundering IBCís, ISO Tanks, Plastic Drums and Enviro Drums involves the following :

Internal and external washing and rinsing with high pressure, high temperature cleaning equipment and surfactant(s) as required.

Forced fan air drying

Inspection of frames/cages, tap valves and seals to determine repair and/or replacement requirements
Leak and pressure testing.

Repair Services

Major and minor repairs can be carried out on Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCís) on site.

We fit new and reconditioned bladders to IBCís where frames/cages are of good quality. Welding
repairs for damaged frames is also carried out on site.

We maintain stock of a wide variety of valves (taps) lids and caps for IBCís if required.

Replacement bungs and valves for Plastic Drums and Enviro Drums can also be supplied and fitted.