recycled water containers


Q. Can you pickup, clean and return IBC, 200l Plastic Drums and Enviro Drums?
A. Yes. Our average turnaround time in a 3 days but can turn urgent jobs around in 24 hours.

Q. Do you have refurbished IBC, 200l Plastic Drums and Enviro Drums in stock?
A. Yes. We normally have most produces in stock but if we don’t we can usually have it within 24 hours.

Q. Do you deliver?
A. Yes. We deliver in the Perth Metro Area and can arrange freight to country area’s.

Q. I have some used IBC’s I want to get rid of, how much does it cost.
A. If they are in good condition we can pay you for them. If not we can quote you on getting rid of your IBC’s.

Q. Do you stock parts for IBC’s?
A. Yes. We stock a large range of IBC Valves, IBC Taps, IBC Lids, IBC Adaptors and plastic drum bungs and valves.

Q. What is the thread on the valve / tap of an IBC?
A. There is 2 main types of thread on the tap of a IBC. The most common is a S60x6 also referred to as DN62 and Buttress Thread, it is a course thread. The other common one is a 50mm BSP, this is a fine thread.